Let’s Treat Children at the Border as Christ Would


Brilliant article.

Originally posted on TIME:

Unaccompanied children are fleeing the escalating violence in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and presenting themselves at the U.S. border–hoping to find safety from daily fears for their lives in these Central American countries. More than 50,000 have already come and their presence is now creating a political crisis in the United States.

The media has shown alarming pictures of hateful crowds of Americans blocking and threatening buses of young children being processed under U. S. laws. Imagine the fear in the hearts and minds of young children, all alone in a foreign culture, being screamed at by adults they don’t know in a language they don’t understand. Imagine the pain and fear of those families who tearfully sent their own children away from home to protect their lives.

Sadly, it’s not hard to imagine how our polarized political system is turning this complicated humanitarian disaster into another political and…

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Oh. This. Man.

34 years ago I committed to love and cherish this man. I still do. Though not perfectly. Somehow he doesn’t remember those imperfections.


34 years plus one day ago we began our adventure with the most amazing week on the beaches of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island.

2011_01_23_11_33_11.pdf000_2 2011_01_23_11_35_04.pdf000_2

Too crazy. Too young. Still crazy.

So grateful for his unconditional love.

So grateful for our lives together.

So grateful for our 3 amazing children turned adults.

Looking forward.

(This all seems surreal.)

Happy Anniversary baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jesus, the Word made flesh


Everything through Jesus.

Originally posted on Jesus community:

Scripture is the written word of God, evident throughout the Bible, one prime example where this is taught being Psalm 119. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. God’s final word to us, the fulfillment of the written word. So it ends up that in order to understand the story, we need to see the end that’s in view. It’s fine to start with Genesis and proceed on, and let it unfold, in fact, good. But a Christian reading of scripture will start with Jesus himself, God’s revelation in him, and will see all of scripture from that perspective.

All of scripture ends up pointing to Jesus, so in retrospect we need to look back at all of scripture from what we understand of Jesus. Does this answer all of our questions? Surely not. But it does help us end up in a good place as we see what…

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“We Have Failed at Christianity.”

Originally posted on Acting Franciscan:


Peering through the U.S.-Mexico border, August 2005. Photo by Jason Miller

On Sunday after running to catch the bus in order to make it to Church on time, I hid in the back row, still trying to catch my breath. But when the homily started, what the priest said nearly made me jump out of my seat. He started off by saying that “We have failed at Christianity.” I found my head nodding in agreement to this startling revelation when he noted that when angry mobs confront busses of children from Central America telling them to go back to their home countries[1] as they did in California recently, we’re forgetting about what it means to be Christian.

The priest went on to say that we’re comfortable with Christianity and even with helping others as long as it doesn’t affect us directly. But anytime we have to get within…

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Will American Christians Fail the Good Samaritan Test?


“Christians, as in those who are committed to obeying the actual teachings of Christ, will need to chop Jesus’ most important teachings about caring for neighbors out of the Bible if they want to ignore the cries of thousands of children risking their lives in order to flee rape and violence in their homelands.”

Originally posted on Ed Cyzewski :: Freelance Writer:

Christians immigration and good samaritans

He was traveling to the big city when the thing he dreaded most happened—robbers descended, beat him viciously, stole his money, and left him along the road for dead. He was miles from friends and family with no one to help him.

The religious leaders passing by were too busy to help him. It wasn’t their fault and it wasn’t their problem. He probably took risks that put his life in jeopardy any way. Who would take time out of his busy day and assume the financial risk to care for this vulnerable man by the side of the road?

We all know how this story ends: The Good Samaritan stepped up to care for the wounded man, but do we know WHY Jesus shared this story? Here’s a look at the questions that led to this parable:

“On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test…

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Coming Out as a Christian (Part 2)


” All I can do is invite people into the beautiful awkwardness of my experience, where things aren’t nearly as black and white as popular culture might prefer. Fortunately for all of us, Jesus loves the gray areas.” ~ Beautiful!!

Originally posted on Grady's Life:

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on this blog called “Coming Out As A Christian” that was all about my fear to identify myself as a Christian at work. I’ll be honest: it got a whole lot of clicks — at least way more than any other piece I’ve written in the five months since leaving Entertainment Weekly. Quite a few of those clicks came directly from a popular site called The Gospel Coalition, which decided to republish my piece and thus flatter me to no end. But even before TGC got a hold of my words, the post had done pretty darn well picking up traction for itself on social media.

As a writer, I like to believe that some of that had to do with the actual content, which resonated with Christians struggling to express their faith at work. But, if I’m being honest…

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the world needs a good shaking



Originally posted on Jesus community:

On the one hand I’m surprised, but on the other hand surely not at the reticence or even antagonism many Americans along with those in the western world have over the teaching of God’s judgment. The way it has been presented many times isn’t even a parody of the way it actually is. Unfortunately we see everything through our worldview lens (as does everyone) which prizes above all things individual freedom and autonomy instead of communal submission and authority. And add to that our western, Augustinian theology in terms of original sin and judgment.  But in third world countries which don’t share in our liberal humanist modern tradition and are at least not as steeped in western theology there is indeed no problem here. This is understandable also because of the danger many face because of their faith. Evildoers too often wreak havoc on the innocent and the faith is often…

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On flinging our rage and unrest at God – #PrayforSPU

IMG_5746“The dialogue between God and Job looks more like a trial at court. Job seeks vindication and demands God give it to him. When God answers Job, “Brace yourself like a man,” he is not browbeating Job. Rather, he encourages Job to ready himself with all the human might he can muster so he can somehow comprehend how wide and how deep, how magnificent and unearthly God is.

I had always interpreted this section differently: “Okay, little man, now that you’ve stated your quibbling inquiry and your pleading for vindication, I will tell you how great I am and you will take it like a man.”

But this is not God’s posture at all. It’s as if Job hurls every rock of pain and sorrow and confusion at God, and God responds with compassion: “Okay, my beloved child, let me help you understand. Brace yourself, and use all your human faculties to comprehend what I’m about to tell you. I think you’ll find comfort. “

I believe God expects us to flail and wail and throw glass at the sky and demand to know what’s going on. Grace and glory are real, but they’re umbrellas covering us as hell falls, not grappling hooks pulling us out of pain. The people who offer those sentiments, though well-intentioned, have never suffered or fail to grasp God’s overwhelming depth – which all of us do to some degree.

Of course God works all things for the good. But how does knowing that help {SPU} now? It does provide a beam of hope – a sliver of brilliance. But in the meantime, they wade through tears and doubt. There is no real answer for suffering other than flinging our rage and unrest at God.

He’s big enough to listen as we wallow in despair. He’s big enough to blow us away with the depth of his being in a transcendent effort to comfort us. And indeed, Job found comfort.”


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An open letter to the SPU gunman

Originally posted on falconstrong's Blog:

Mr. Ybarra,

Yesterday, you walked into the doors of a place I’ve called home for years with the intent to harm. The events of June 5th are forever embedded in my mind…but probably not for the reasons you’d assume. I’ve read articles claiming that you had an obsession with Columbine and a desire to partake in a school shooting. I’m writing this letter to tell you that the school you entered yesterday is not just a school, we  are so much more…we are a family.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry. I am so angry. I feel violated. I feel shaken. I feel like my home has been compromised and one of my family members has been taken while others fight for their lives today. I do not understand. I cry out for answers. I lament. I’ve never felt fear as deep as I did yesterday waiting…

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Franklin Graham Does Not Understand Holiness



Originally posted on Ed Cyzewski :: Freelance Writer:

Franklin Graham and his holiness fail.

Image of Franklin Graham from The Christian Post.

In a recent speech, Franklin Graham demanded that pastors in his audience speak out boldly on several moral issues, lest they fall under God’s wrath for being cowards. He said:

“The definition of a coward: a coward will not confront an issue that needs to be confronted due to fear. That is a coward,” said Graham.

“God hates cowards. And the cowards that the Lord is referring to are the men and women who know the truth but refuse to speak it.”

Graham essentially used the fear of God to prompt his audience to overcome their fears of speaking out.

There are many different aspects of Graham’s talk we could challenge, but I’d like to call into question the role of a wrathful God who hates people in prompting people to change their behavior, such as speaking out on specific moral…

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